Asset Integrity Services

Asset integrity services encompass a comprehensive range of solutions aimed at ensuring the safety, reliability, and performance of industrial assets throughout their lifecycle. These services are essential for asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas, energy, petrochemicals, mining, and manufacturing to manage risks, maintain regulatory compliance, and optimize asset performance.

Services Offered:

  1. Risk Assessment and Management: We conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities to asset integrity, including mechanical integrity, corrosion, erosion, fatigue, and environmental hazards. We develop risk management strategies and mitigation plans to minimize risks and optimize asset performance.

  2. Inspection and Testing: We offer a wide range of inspection and testing services to assess the condition and integrity of industrial assets, including visual inspection, NDT techniques (e.g., ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, magnetic particle testing), pressure testing, integrity assessments, and structural analysis.

  3. Maintenance and Reliability Engineering: We provide maintenance and reliability engineering services to optimize asset performance and reliability, including reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), preventive maintenance optimization, and reliability improvement initiatives.

  4. Asset Integrity Software Solutions: We offer customized software solutions and digital platforms for asset integrity management, including asset management systems, integrity management software, risk assessment tools, predictive maintenance software, and data analytics platforms to enhance decision-making and optimize asset performance.
  5. TOTAL CORROSION MANAGEMENT : Konad International Services offers comprehensive corrosion management solutions, in-situ, for FPSOs, platforms and rigs both onshore and offshore, including customized and comprehensive auditing, inspection, planning, execution and project management services. The company’s total corrosion management solutions for the marine and offshore industry include:

    ¤ Corrosion Audits / Inspections ¤ Provision of Skilled Personnel

     ¤ Surface Preparation and Painting

     ¤ Scaffolding Services

    ¤ Rope Access Services Compressors, Airless Spray Pumps, Etc.

    ¤ Supply of Equipment such as UHP Units, Air  Compressors, Airless Spray Pumps Etc